During our two weeks South India tour we will drive to the extreme south, through tropical India, to visit the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Experts consider this part of the country as a real personal-tip.


Bike and Beach

Our Tour starts in Varkala, a small fishing and pilgrimage town with sprawling beaches, located 50 kms north of Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala. Kerala is situated in the southern most part of the Indian sub-continent in South-West India, which is a narrow strip of fertile coastal land at the foot of the Western Ghats. Although Indians have a tendency to exaggerate, one must agree with them when they lovingly and proudly describe Kerala as "God's own country".

Our tours take us through various regions of this state - from dense forests situated at high altitudes (up to 2,500 metres), through expansive wildlife sanctuaries with elephants, tigers, buffalos, monkeys, leopards and other wild animals, along picturesque backwater canals fringed by coconut palms, to lush green tea and spice plantations.

Tour data and routing




Flight to Trivandrum


Varkala, daytrips




















Flight back home

Routing 2 Weeks South-India Roundtrip

We will visit Varkala, Alleppey, Munnar, Cochin and more.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu can truly be called "the land of the 1000 temples". This fascinating state of the Tamils has a 2000 year old tradition. Situated in a remote region of the South, Tamil Nadu remained undisturbed by constant invasions, occupations, and the plunderings of foreign conquerors who came to North India. Some of India's most beautiful temples, with huge, elaborately carved Gopurams (entrance towers to the temple area), are found in this state.

Tempel in Srirangam

On our tour we'll be driving to Kanyakumari (Cape Comorin), the southern most tip of the Indian Peninsula and Madurai with it's gigantic temple site.


The routes that we shall follow on our Enfield bikes will be as varied as the cultural highlights we experience on our tour. Our two-wheelers will cover a total of 1,250 km during the two weeks tour and 2,500 km on the three weeks tour. No day will be similar to the other. The well-constructed highways of Kerala alongside the coast, run through endless palm forests and wind across the Backwaters. Less frequented narrow mountain roads wind up in a serpentine manner steep uphill into the Western Ghats. After the strenuous drive to the peak, we will be rewarded with a fantastic and breathtaking view from atop these less known mountains. Long stretches on country side-roads that partly need repairing will lead us to the smooth curved heights in Tamil Nadu. From thereon we shall only be driving on asphalt road. Every motorcyclist with some experience in motorcycle riding can, without difficulty, cross this stretch.


Am Strand in Varkala A motorbike tour through India is not a relaxing vacation at the Baltic Sea nor is it a package tour to Mallorca. The unaccustomed climate, the overwhelming cultural impressions and the Indian traffic demand quite an effort from the traveller. However, to make your adventure in India as comfortable as possible, we have given great importance to the quality and cleanliness of our chosen hotels. We also offer a trip in a houseboat on the backwaters as well as a few days for relaxation at the beginning and at the end of our trip in Varkala where one can go to the beach or rejuvenate oneself with Ayurvedic therapy and massage.