India is a giant country, overwhelming in its diversity and contrariness. Manifold civilizations have left their traces over the last two and a half thousand years of history. The attempt to get to know this country turns out to be a never-ending story. Where do you begin, what should be the focus?


Our two-weeks roundtrip in Kerala and Tamil Nadu is meant to provide you with the opportunity to get acquainted with one of the most interesting regions of the huge subcontinent. No other part of the country offers such a variety. There are plenty of opportunities for relaxing, sunbathing or swimming. Sooth your soul in one of the numerous Ayurvedic health centres or enjoy the centuries-old amazing temple architecture and fabulous palaces. Leaving the coastline with its millions of palm trees, we reach nearly 7,900 ft. above sea level in the mountain range of the Western Goa-Varkala Ghatts. The hilly landscape between Munnar and Thekkadi carries us off into the world of tea, and with a bit of luck, we will observe elephants, tigers or other wildlife in the national preserves we come across.

Our most recent offer is the trip from Varkala/Kerala to Goa or from Goa to Varkala. Four Indian states lie on our way. We start in the former Hippie paradise, but will avoid the centres of mass tourism and look for quiet places in the Southern region. In Karnataka, we get to know temple cultures from different ages, before entering the city of Mysore which is famous for its gingerbread-like Maharajah palace. Leaving Mysore, we come across several wildlife sanctuaries on our way up to the Nilgiris and across the tea plantations of the Western Ghatts, before coming down again to the coast of Kerala, where the tour ends with a half-day boat tour on the famous palm tree-lined “Backwaters”.


From July to September, we conquer the highest motorable roads and passes in the world, in the former kingdom of Ladakh. A true challenge for man and machine and not suited for motor-cycle beginners. We ride our bikes to Leh, the capital of the former kingdom of Ladakh, then visit Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, and at the end of the trip we make a detour to Agra, site of the probably most famous building in the world, the Taj Mahal. Rajasthan

In autumn and spring time, our adventure tours in the desert state of Rajasthan take place. MERIAN, the famous German travel publishing house, has included this tour in a list of 100 travel adventures one should have made in his lifetime. You will get convinced that fairy tales can come true. A trip across Rajasthan is a journey through time. Centuries of history can be experienced as reality. Fortresses and palaces bear witness to the glorious past of the Rajput rulers, and in the villages, fields are cultivated with wooden or animal-drawn ploughs, as if nothing had changed in the last centuries.